PAC - Planning Appeals Commission
PAC Reference Date of Appeal Appellant(s) Development and Location Date of Hearing(H)
/Site Visit(S)
Departmental Reference Appeal Type Decision &
Decision Issue Date
Appointed Member(s)
2019/W0002 17/09/2019 Mr Stephen Marsden Copeland Islands (Main Copeland island) North East of Donaghadee Harbour. Variable Monetary Penalty 29/01/2020 10:30 Informal Hearing IRF 31/17 Water Appeal Commissioner Speirs
2019/W0001 21/08/2019 Mr Mark Ellesmere Foreshore at Portstewart Old Golf Club Appeal against Variable Monetary Penalty 18/12/2019 10.30 Informal Hearing IRF 64/19 Water Appeal Commissioner Rue
2018/W0003 01/02/2019 Mr Robert Maxwell 60 Old Belfast Road Saintfield Ballynahinch Co.Down BT24 7DG Discharge consent NC2079/18 Water Appeal Withdrawn 2019-02-05
2018/W0002 20/12/2018 Macrete Ireland Limited 50 Creagh Road, Creagh Industrial Estate, Toomebridge, BT41 3SR Consent to discharge effluent has been revoked 26/04/2019 10:00 Site Visit TC 34/88 Water Appeal Allowed 17/05/2019 Commissioner Rue