PAC - Planning Appeals Commission Appeal Received

Appeal Received

PAC Reference Date Received Appellant(s) Development & Location Planning Service Reference Planning Office
2018/A0245 20/03/2019 Mr Pat & John O'Donnell Land immediately adjacent to and south of 'The Carrigans' residential development Knockmoyle Road, Knockmoyle, Omagh Phase 2- 'The Carrigans' residential development, comprising a mix of semi-detached and detached dwellings, continuation of estate road, landscaping, and connection to existing infrastructure services LA10/2018/1300/O Fermanagh and Omagh
2018/A0244 19/03/2019 Mr Jim Maguire Musgrave Park Industrial Estate 32 Stockmans Way Belfast BT9 7ET Single storey warehouse extension LA04/2017/2045/F Belfast
2018/A0243 19/03/2019 Mr Jim McCabe Site Approx 250m South East Of No.60 Killyleagh Road, Downpatrick, Co.Down, BT30 8BN Conversion & Extension Of Barn Previously Approved Under R/2014/0654/F With Additional Extension To Form New Domestic Dwelling LA07/2017/1485/F Newry, Mourne and Down
2018/A0241 19/03/2019 Mr MARK STANLEY Plot 30 Woodbrook Village Omagh Retention of garden shed to the rear of dwelling under construction LA10/2018/1487/F Fermanagh and Omagh
2018/E0067 19/03/2019 Rev John Withy Land at 120 Melmount Road, Sion mills, Tyrone Alleged unauthorised erection of buildings LA11/2016/0008/CA Derry and Strabane
2018/A0240 19/03/2019 Mr John Keenan 57-61 Ann Street Belfast BT1 4EE Proposed retention of existing shop front at No. 57 Ann Street, Belfast LA04/2018/1234/LBC Belfast
2018/A0242 19/03/2019 Mr MARK STANLEY 38 Woodbrook Village, Gortrush, Omagh BT78 5GY Retention of garden shed to the rear of dwelling under construction LA10/2018/1488/F Fermanagh and Omagh
2018/A0239 18/03/2019 Mr Ryan Rogan Between 11 and 13 Seavaghan Road Ballynahinch BT24 8SP Proposed dwelling and garage LA07/2018/0532/O Newry, Mourne and Down
2018/A0238 15/03/2019 Miss Leah Patterson Lands adjacent to and west of 83 Dunmore Road, Ballynahinch Erection of proposed dwelling and garage and associated siteworks as per CTY2a LA07/2018/0963/O Newry, Mourne and Down
2018/A0237 15/03/2019 Mr Norman Roddy 50 Kennedy Way Belfast To convert existing standard 96 sheet display panel with external lighting to a standard 96 sheet internally illuminated light box LA04/2019/0225/A Belfast
2018/E0066 14/03/2019 Mr Ian & Gladys Heatherington Lands approx. 170m SW of 31 Crosh Road, Omagh. The alleged unauthorised use of the land for the siting of an incinerator. LA10/2018/0235/CA Fermanagh and Omagh
2018/A0236 11/03/2019 Personal Reps of the Late Mrs Doreen Brankin 31 Ulster Avenue, Dunmurry Belfast Demolition of existing garage and ancillary building and erection of 1 1/2 storey dwelling with games room and store provided at the first floor ( to be constructed in lieu of 1 1/2 storey garage, games room and store approved under permission LA04/2018/1107/F) LA04/2018/2607/F Belfast
2018/A0235 11/03/2019 Mr Sean McNicholl Lands located 50metres North of 41a Tirkeeran Road Garvagh Site for cluster Dwelling in Compliance with Policy CTY2A of PPS21 LA01/2018/1130/O Causeway Coast and Glens
2018/A0234 11/03/2019 Mr Mark Diamond 100m North East of 15 Ballydermot Road, Castledawson Proposed Site for Dwelling and Domestic Garage for residential purposes LA09/2018/0467/O Mid Ulster
2018/A0233 07/03/2019 Ms Jacqueline Ross Adjacent and immediately east of 16a Killybawn Road, Saintfield Co. Down Part demolition of existing shed to accommodate site for proposed new dwelling LA07/2018/1215/O Newry, Mourne and Down
2018/E0064 06/03/2019 Mr Alan Hunter Lands 130m South West of No.132 Clooney Road Eglinton Material change of use from agricultural land to use of land as a farm shop for Longfield Farm, ancillary storage of farm produce and car parking LA01/2018/1303/LDE Causeway Coast and Glens
2018/E0065 06/03/2019 Mr Michael McColgan Land at 23 Monnaboy Road, Derryarkin Upper, Eglinton, Londonderry Alleged unauthorised erection of building A/2014/0026/CA Derry and Strabane
2018/A0231 05/03/2019 Mr Declan Clarke Unit 7 Ballyardle Business Park, Dunnaval Road Kilkeel Retrospective change of use from Store to Gym - Appeal against condition limiting approval to a period of two years LA07/2018/0270/F Newry, Mourne and Down
2018/A0232 05/03/2019 Mr Eric McVea Lands approximately 30m west of No.4 Ballyblack Road East, Newtownards Retrospective agricultural shed for the purpose of indoor cattle wintering LA06/2017/0491/F Ards and North Down
2018/A0229 04/03/2019 Mr Michael Molloy Lands adjacent to and east/northeast of 108, Rose Cottages Portadown Co Armagh Proposed erection of dwelling LA08/2018/0741 Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon
2018/A0230 04/03/2019 Mr Damien McAllister 15m South of 16 Bellisk Drive Cushendall Two storey dwelling LA01/2018/1111/O Causeway Coast and Glens
2018/A0227 01/03/2019 Ms Anne Howe 127 Atlantic Road, Portrush, BT56 8PB Retrospective application for front boundary wall and amendments to previous approval LA01/2016/1333/F. Proposed single storey garage and extension to domestic curtilage. LA01/2018/1309/F Causeway Coast and Glens
2018/A0228 01/03/2019 Mr Colin McCoosh To the rear of 25 Dill Avenue Lisburn Proposed outline for detached dwelling LA05/2018/1123/O Lisburn and Castlereagh
2018/A0225 28/02/2019 Cloughorr Investments Lands adjacent to 10 Sunnyvale Avenue, Portrush Section 54 Application to make variations to the conditions previously attached to Planning Approval ref no LA01/2016/1570/F, namely condition 2 (electric closing and coded control of vehicular gates) and condition 4 (electric closing gate). LA01/2018/1114/F Causeway Coast and Glens
2018/A0226 28/02/2019 Ms Claire Kidd 1 Houston Park, Castlereagh, BT5 6AT Proposed extension to residential dwelling LA/04/2018/1440/F Belfast
2018/A0224 27/02/2019 Mrs Noelle Macauley Lands adjacent & to the side garden of No.1 Fortwilliam Drive Belfast Demolition of existing single storey garage and replacement with proposed 1.5 storey dwelling LA04/2018/2282/0 Belfast
2018/A0223 22/02/2019 Ms Naiomh Morgan Adjacent to and immediately west of 13 Crieve Road Newry Dwelling house LA07/2017/1252/F Newry, Mourne and Down
2018/A0222 21/02/2019 Mrs Brigin & Paddy Byrne Lands adjoining farm buildings at 28, Ballyclander Road Downpatrick Farm dwelling and garden/farm outbuilding LA07/2018/1207/O Newry, Mourne and Down
2018/A0221 21/02/2019 Mr B McClelland Adjacent to and north of 34 Gosford Gardens, Markethill Two semi detached dwellings LA08/2017/0655/O Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon
2018/A0220 19/02/2019 Mr Francis Toal Lands 375m South-East of No. 304 Monaghan Road, Middletown, Armagh Erection of agricultural shed including upgrading of existing agricultural access LA08/2018/1051/F Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon
2018/R0008 19/02/2019 Anne Marie Hughes 19 Lisnastraine Road, Coalisland BT715DE New incurtilage driveway LA09/2018/9334 DRD Roads Service
2018/A0219 18/02/2019 WJ Law Bespoke LLP Site 120m west of Edentrillick Hill Road, Hillsborough, BT26 6PQ 2 storey dwelling with attic conversion and re-use of existing non residential building for use as a dwelling with 1 no. double garage, landscaping and associated site works. LA05/2018/0255/F Lisburn and Castlereagh
2018/A0214 11/02/2019 Rev John Farr 1 Ballyvannon Road, Upper Ballinderry, BT282LB Temporary planning permission for mobile home(retrospective) LA05/2017/1277/F Lisburn and Castlereagh
2018/A0215 11/02/2019 Mr Chris Mullen 278 Seacliff Road Bangor BT20 5HS Retrospective application for hand painted roof scape sign. LA06/2018/1036/A Ards and North Down
2018/A0218 11/02/2019 Mr John Farrell 160meters South East of 21 Glebe Road, Annaclone, Banbridge Erection of replacement dwelling, garage and associated site works LA08/2018/0516/F Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon
2018/A0216 11/02/2019 Ms Linda Fisher Land between 69 and 67A Katesbridge Road Kinallen BT25 2PA (100m North of No. 69) Site for dwelling, garage and associated siteworks (infill opportunity under CTY 8 of PPS21) LA08/2018/1023/O Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon
2018/A0217 11/02/2019 Ms Linda Fisher Land between 69 and 67A Katesbridge Road, Kinallen BT25 2PA. (adjacent to and 50m N of no 69.) Site for dwelling garage and associated siteworks. (Infill opportunity under CTY8 of PPS21) LA08/2018/1020/O Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon
2018/A0213 10/02/2019 Mrs Gemma Lynd 18 Weyburn Road, Larne Retrospective conversion and reuse of first floor of existing garage approved garage from storage to tourist accommodation and associated works to include 1 no. dormer window and 1 no. other window. LA02/2018/0261/F Mid and East Antrim
2018/E0062 07/02/2019 Beatty Fuels Premises at 50 Moira Road, Nutts Corner, Antrim, BT29 4JL The alleged unauthorised use of the building for the sale of fuel and farm supplies LA03/2018/0441/CA Antrim and Newtownabbey
2018/E0063 07/02/2019 Mr Sean Burns Land 30m south west of 27, Milltown Row, Ballymurphy, Belfast BT126EU Alleged unauthorised commercial fuel distribution business, alleged unauthorised fuel pumps, solid fuel store, office portacabin, cash office portacabin, brick building, metal structure and hard standing area. EN/2018/0285 Belfast
2018/A0210 05/02/2019 Mr Norman Hannan 73 Crosskeenan Road Antrim BT412RG Single dwelling and garage on a farm LA03/2018/1020/O Antrim and Newtownabbey
2018/E0061 05/02/2019 The Auction Yard Ltd Land and premises at 50 Moira Road, Nutts Corner Antrim BT29 4JL Alleged unauthorised use of the land for the sale of motor vehicles, including the ancillary use of the ground floor of the building,as an office and for the valeting of vehicles;and unauthorised use of the first floor of the building for the retail sale of goods LA03/2017/0391/CA Antrim and Newtownabbey
2018/A0211 05/02/2019 Mrs Jennifer S Currie 360m East of No. 190 Lower Ballyboley Road Larne Proposed Farm Shed LA02/2018/0734/F Mid and East Antrim
2018/A0212 05/02/2019 Mr Eugene Mullan Lands adjacent to 64 Coleraine Road, Garvagh Proposed infill site for 2 no. detached two storey dwellings and detached garages LA01/2017/1580/O Causeway Coast and Glens
2018/A0208 04/02/2019 Mr R Collins Land between 31 & 35 Clogher Road Lisburn Proposed infill site for 2 No dwellings LA05/2018/0630/O Lisburn and Castlereagh
2018/A0209 04/02/2019 Mr John Rush Land adjacent to and 29m east of 15 Altnadua Road Castlewellan Construction of 1 dwelling house on a gap infill site LA07/2018/1393/O Newry, Mourne and Down
2018/A0207 04/02/2019 Mr Michael Mackin Lands approx 67m South East of 24 Fergort Road Keady Armagh BT60 3EX Proposed site for dwelling LA08/2018/0196/O Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon
2018/A0204 01/02/2019 Mr Tom Fisher Pavement east of Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service Ormeau Road Belfast BT7 1AQ. Advertisement Consent for 1 No. double sided digital display screen on proposed Smart Hub Kiosk. LA04/2018/2153/A Belfast
2018/A0205 01/02/2019 Mr Tom Fisher Pavement east of Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service Ormeau Road Belfast BT7 1AQ. 1 No. Smart Hub Kiosk. LA04/2018/2199/F Belfast
2018/W0003 01/02/2019 Mr Robert Maxwell 60 Old Belfast Road Saintfield Ballynahinch Co.Down BT24 7DG Discharge consent NC2079/18 Northern Ireland Environment Agency
2018/A0206 01/02/2019 Mr Neil Watson Lands between 5 and 5a Sycamore Road Dundrod Proposed gap infill site to lands between 5 and 5a Sycamore Road, Dundrod LA05/2018/0490/O Lisburn and Castlereagh
2018/A0201 31/01/2019 Mr Jamie Stevenson 80m South East of 2 School Road, Saintfield, BT24 7JH Proposed dwelling and garage (Change of design from that previously approved under R/2015/0060/F) LA07/2018/0410/F Newry, Mourne and Down
2018/A0202 31/01/2019 Mr Iain Lees Land north east of no. 29 Carnaghliss Road Dundrod Construction of access road to serve proposed cemetery development, including associated site works and landscaping LA05/2017/0974/F Lisburn and Castlereagh
2018/E0060 30/01/2019 Mr Michael Johnson Immediately north-west of 4 Sawmill Road Castlewellan retention of builders storage yard LA07/2018/1844/LDE Newry, Mourne and Down
2018/A0203 30/01/2019 Mr Iain Lees Land North of No.10 Quarterland Road sandwiched between Carnaghliss Road and Quarterland Road Dundrod Site for new cemetery including ancillary reception building, maintenance depot, attenuation pond, bridges, new vehicular access, parking, waste water treatment works, associated infrastructure works and demolition of existing farm buildings. LA05/2016/0700/O Lisburn and Castlereagh
2018/A0198 27/01/2019 Mr Joseph Walls 140m south East of 26 Sandbank Road, Hilltown, Newry. 2 No Farm Buildings (Retrospective) LA07/2018/0403/F Newry, Mourne and Down
2018/A0200 25/01/2019 Telephonica UK Ltd On footpath within San Souci Park c.45m South East of junction of San Souci Park & Malone Road, Belfast BT95BZ. Replacement of existing telecommunication mast with a new 20m telecommunication mast on site located c.16m south east of the existing mast. LA04/2018/2410/F Belfast
2018/A0199 24/01/2019 Abo Wind NI Ltd Lands approx. 615m East of 16 Coolkeeran Road Armoy in the townlands of Kilcroagh and Carrowlaverty approx.2.5km South East of Armoy. Construction of a wind farm comprising 6no.wind turbines ( maximum 149.9 metres to blade tip), an electrical substation/ control building, energy storage area, construction compound, junction improvements and all associated ancillary works. LA01/2017/1654/F Causeway Coast and Glens
2018/A0197 24/01/2019 Mr Michael Daly Approx 220m SE of 103 Termon Road, Carrickmore. Dwelling and garage LA10/2018/0251/O Fermanagh and Omagh
2018/A0195 23/01/2019 Mrs Lorraine White 100m sw of 70 Mullaslin Road, Sixmilecross General purpose farm building to replace temporary storage containers LA10/2018/0346/F Derry and Strabane
2018/A0196 23/01/2019 Mr Geoff Angus 280 Comber Road, Lisburn , BT27 6TA Change of use from an existing industrial unit to use for a small waste management facility in an existing building with a small external storage area. LA05/2018/0420/F Lisburn and Castlereagh
2018/A0193 22/01/2019 Mr Miller McElrea Approximately 125m North of Bunderg Road, Strabane Amendments to existing 250kw wind turbine to increase tower height from 31m to 44m and to increase blade length from 14.5m to 19.5m LA11/2016/0597/F Derry and Strabane
2018/E0059 22/01/2019 Dundarave Properties Lands North of Dunluce Road and East of Ballaghmore Road, Bushmills, BT578RJ Alleged creation of hardstanding, raised bunds, drainage channels, manholes, tap and water pipe, post and metal rail and storage of drainage pipes EN/2018/0269 Causeway Coast and Glens
2018/A0194 21/01/2019 Mr Andrew McMullan Rear of 300 Townhill Road, Rasharkin, Ballymena. Proposed dwelling on a farm LA01/2018/0842/O Causeway Coast and Glens
2018/A0191 21/01/2019 Mr Anthony McIlwrath North & adjacent to 41 Old Park Road, Tievendarragh, Drumaness, Ballynahinch, BT24 8SE Erection of a dwelling LA07/2018/0862/O Newry, Mourne and Down
2018/A0192 21/01/2019 Mr Stephen White 30m SW of 16 Temple Road, Garvagh. Retrospective application for a dwelling on a farm. LA01/2018/0812/F Causeway Coast and Glens
2018/A0190 21/01/2019 Mr Martin Heatley Adjacent to No. 39 Corporation Street, Belfast, BT1 3BA Retention of existing 1 No. 48 Sheet Freestanding Advertising Panel LA04/2018/2482/A Belfast
2018/E0058 18/01/2019 Mr neil wylie land at knockiveagh, approx 185m north east of 15 iveagh road, Rathfriland BT34 5NP Alleged Unauthorised erection of lattice tower and concrete foundation Alleged Unauthorised creation of earthbank Alleged Unauthorised development of area of hardcore Alleged Unauthorised excavation of earth Alleged Unauthorised excavation of cable trench LA08/2017/0198/CA Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon
2018/A0189 17/01/2019 Mr Gareth Graham 170 Upper Malone Road Belfast BT17 9EH Erection of 4 No. detached dwellings LA04/2018/0180/F Belfast
2018/A0188 17/01/2019 Ms Pamela Wilson 8 Ballyutoag Road Belfast BT14 8SR Temporary retention of existing dwelling. LA04/2018/0860/F Belfast
2018/A0187 16/01/2019 Mr David Thompson 1 Bapaume Avenue Belfast BT69JE Erection of 1800mm high vertical boarded boundry fence along Montgomery Road boundary, a 1600mm high metal sliding gate and a 1800mm high fenced off patio area in front garden. LA04/2018/2440/F Belfast
2018/A0186 16/01/2019 Mr Trevor Crawford Adjacent to and North of 35 Spring Road, Mountfield, Omagh. Development of gap site to provide a dwelling and domestic garage. LA10/2018/0746/O Fermanagh and Omagh
2018/A0183 14/01/2019 Mr Adrian Carvill Directly opposite & east of 73 Leitrim Road Hilltown Infill site within an established cluster LA07/2017/1497/O Newry, Mourne and Down
2018/A0184 14/01/2019 Mrs Bridie McElroy Adjacent to and east of No.8 Mulmona Road, Omagh Dwelling LA10/2018/0660/O Fermanagh and Omagh
2018/A0180 11/01/2019 Mr Tom Fisher Pavement outside 73 Dublin Road, Belfast, BT2 7HF. 1 No. Smart Hub Kiosk and associated Advertisement Consent for 1 No. double sided digital display screen. LA04/2018/1205/Aá Belfast
2018/A0179 11/01/2019 Mr Tom Fisher Pavement outside 73 Dublin Road, Belfast, BT2 7HF. 1 No. Smart Hub located on pavement LA04/2018/1209/F Belfast
2018/A0181 11/01/2019 Mr Tom Fisher Pavement outside Regatta, 42 Queen Street, Belfast, BT1 6HL. 1 No. Smart Hub Kiosk and associated Advertisement Consent for 1 No. double sided digital display screen. LA04/2018/0665/A Belfast
2018/A0182 11/01/2019 Mr Tom Fisher Pavement outside 42 Queen Street, Belfast, BT1 6HL. 1 No. Smart Hub (amended address). LA04/2018/0857/F Belfast
2018/A0178 10/01/2019 Mr Thomas Stevenson Site 50m NW of 18 Turloughs Hill, Annalong, BT34 4XD and 80m NW of the dwelling at 20 Turloughs Hill, Annalong, Co Down BT34 4XD. Replacement Dwelling LA07/2017/1624/O Newry, Mourne and Down
2018/A0177 09/01/2019 Mr Darren Mallon Lands 30m South West of 56b Circular Road, Banbridge. Proposed Erection of Detached Dwelling (Infill Dwelling) LA08/2018/1132/O Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon
2018/A0175 04/01/2019 Mr John Keenan 57-61 Ann Street Belfast BT1 4EE Proposed retention of existing shop front LA04/2018/0708/F Belfast
2018/E0056 04/01/2019 Mr George Beatty Approx. 90m South West of 70 Scallen Road, Irvinestown. proposed single storey dwelling with rear return Fermanagh and Omagh
2018/A0173 03/01/2019 JC Decaux 11-19 Corporation Street, Belfast 48 Sheet advertisement display (Retrospective) LA04/2018/2385/A Belfast
2018/A0174 03/01/2019 Rev John Hemphill 227 Baranailt Road, Limavady New entrance piers and gates LA01/2017/1371/F Causeway Coast and Glens
2018/A0172 02/01/2019 Leah Chambers 14a Stewarts Road Annalong BT34 4UE Replacement dwelling LA07/2018/0921/F Newry, Mourne and Down
2018/E0055 31/12/2018 Mr Ivor McCullough Ballylig Quarry, Ballylig Road, Broughshane, BT43 7HH Existing use of land in association with lands situated within Ballylig Quarry for the production of aggregate from inert wastes, including the operational development on site consisting of area of hardstanding located to the north of the site on which the production of aggregate from inert wastes takes place. LA02/2018/0321/LDE Mid and East Antrim
2018/A0170 21/12/2018 Mr Andrew Carleton Plots 106-107 Donaghcloney Linen Mill, Nicholson Green, Donaghcloney BT66 7UY Proposed site for two dwellings consisting of 1 bungalow and 1 chalet bungalow with associated site works. The development will also bring in two new areas of open space to the Nicholson Green development. LA08/2017/1715/F Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon
2018/A0171 21/12/2018 Mr Michael Mariner 111 Loughinisland Road Annacloy Downpatrick BT30 8QZ Demolition of portion of existing vehicle repair building and construction of new extension (retrospective). LA07/2018/0709/F Newry, Mourne and Down
2018/E0054 20/12/2018 Glyn Mitchell 19 The Square Kilkeel BT34 4AA Removing existing timber cladding and painting the ground floor fašade of the building with a timber effect finish LA07/2018/1558/LDP Newry, Mourne and Down
2018/W0002 20/12/2018 Macrete Ireland Limited 50 Creagh Road, Creagh Industrial Estate, Toomebridge, BT41 3SR Consent to discharge effluent has been revoked TC 34/88 Northern Ireland Environment Agency
2018/A0169 20/12/2018 Mr Kris Gault 43 Douglas Road Ballymena Retention of existing non domestic building on site and the removal of condition 3 of planning approval LA02/2016/0212/F which required the demolition of the existing building LA02/2018/0524/F Mid and East Antrim
2018/A0168 20/12/2018 Glyn Mitchell 19 The Square, Kilkeel, BT34 4AA Change of use from a travel agency to professional services office and new external finishes LA07/2018/0903/F Newry, Mourne and Down
2018/E0053 20/12/2018 Fergal O'Neill Land approx. 5m North West of 17 Killycanavan Road, Mullanahoe, Ardboe. Alleged unauthorised erection of building. LA09/2017/0058/CA Mid Ulster
2018/A0167 19/12/2018 Donal McCaghery 20m SE of 123 Drumgoon Road, Killyrover, Maguiresbridge, BT94 4PP Replacement dwelling with domestic garage LA10/2018/1137/O Fermanagh and Omagh