PAC - Planning Appeals Commission Appeal Received

Appeal Received

PAC Reference Date Received Appellant(s) Development & Location Planning Service Reference Planning Office
2018/E0004 20/04/2018 Mr Hugh Cox 100m East of 5 Largy Road, Largy, Tempo Machinery store,secure stores and compound for the running of an established forestry business LA10/2017/1037/LDP Fermanagh and Omagh
2018/A0008 20/04/2018 Mr Lindsay Martin To the rear of 23 Ballymaderphy Road, Lisnacree, Kilkeel Retention of shed for equestrian use LA07/2017/0195/F Newry, Mourne and Down
2018/A0007 19/04/2018 Mr Arnold McClean Ground floor units at 4-7 The Promenade, Portstewart Proposed change of use to hot food café on ground floor LA01/2016/0488/F Causeway Coast and Glens
2018/A0006 16/04/2018 Mr Mark Cooper 55m NW of no. 48 (situated between nos. 50 & 54) Tamnaharry Hill Road, Mayobridge Change of house type and amended access in substitution of P/2014/0223/F LA07/2017/0743/F Newry, Mourne and Down
2018/E0002 13/04/2018 Assured Energy LLP Land 35m North West of No. 133 Baranailt Road, Limavady, BT49 9LT Alleged unauthorised stationing of a caravan, in association with anaerobic digestor. LA01/2016/0373/CA & EN/2018/0018 Causeway Coast and Glens
2018/E0003 13/04/2018 Assured Energy LLP Land 35 metres North West of 133 Baranailt Road, Limavady, BT49 9LT Alleged unauthorised anaerobic digestor, combined heat and power plant, ancillary equipment and structures and associated hard covered area. LA01/2016/0373/CA & EN/2018/0017 Causeway Coast and Glens
2018/A0005 11/04/2018 Mr Michael McErlean Land off Cahore Road approx. 100m East of 11A Tonaght Road, Draperstown Proposed pig fattening shed with feed bin (to contain 900 pork pigs) H/2014/0399/F Mid Ulster
2018/A0003 10/04/2018 Mr Philip Prescot 32 Dunnaval Road, Kilkeel, BT34 4JT Retention of replacement domestic garage LA07/2017/1663/F Newry, Mourne and Down
2018/A0004 06/04/2018 Barry & Margaret MacDonald 31a Old Quay Road, Holywood (formerly known as site 28m south of 33 Old Quay Road, Holywood) Proposed dwelling 28m south of 33 Old Quay Road, Holywood. Amended proposals for that previously approved under LA06/2016/0189/F for a new dwelling with attached garage LA06/2017/0227/F Ards and North Down
2018/A0001 03/04/2018 Mr C S Pearson 180m north west of 108 Ballybarnes Road, Newtownards, BT23 4UE Retrospective application for retention of agricultural shed LA06/2016/0207/F Ards and North Down
2018/A0002 03/04/2018 Mr Peter Brogan Adjacent to and approx. 30m NW of 252 Crockanboy Road, Greencastle, Omagh Dwelling and detached domestic garage LA10/2017/1287/F Fermanagh and Omagh
2018/E0001 30/03/2018 Mr Paul Clarke Lands approximately 50m south west of and 50m east of 123 Gulladuff Road. Alleged unauthorised extension of domestic curtilage and erection of a domestic building outside an established curtilage of a residential property. LA09/2016/123/CA Mid Ulster
2017/A0260 29/03/2018 Sarah Peilow Land at 34 Banbridge Road Waringstown Formal request to carry out tree works within area covered by TPO LA08/2016/1332/TPO Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon
2017/E0054 29/03/2018 Mr Leo Scott Land or premises adjacent to 78 Carmagrim Road, Ahoghill The alleged unauthorised erection of 3 sheds EN/2018/0065 Mid and East Antrim
2017/V0006 27/03/2018 Mr Colum Mackle 61 Hill Street Milford Co Armagh BT60 3NZ Refusal of a waste management licence under Articles 8(3) and 8(4) of the Waste and Contaminated Land (NI) Order 1997 to operate a farm based anaerobic digestion (AD) plant. WML30/22 Northern Ireland Environment Agency
2017/A0258 26/03/2018 Sarah Burns Adjacent to Ballymoney Lodge 91 Dromore Road Banbridge BT67 9LW Proposed dwelling and garage for equine business under Policy CTY10 of PPS21 LA08/2017/0715/O Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon
2017/A0259 26/03/2018 Ryan & Claire Geary Lands 70m south of 78 Kilhoyle Road Drumsurn Limavady Co Londonderry BT49 0UJ Proposed single-storey chalet bungalow to supersede partly-constructed dwelling under Planning Approval B/2007/0334/RM. Proposed dwelling to be relocated 43m south-west of current location of previous Planning Approval. LA01/2017/0334/F Causeway Coast and Glens
2017/A0257 22/03/2018 Beltonanean Renewable Energy Ltd Beltonanean Ballynasollus Beleevna-More and Ballynagilly Townlands Cookstown Co Tyrone Construction & Operation of a Windfarm comprising 5 no. three bladed wind turbines with a maximum base blade to tip height of 126.5 metres. Ancillary developments include a permanent lattice anemometer mast of 80 metres height; turbine transformers; turbine bases, foundations and hardstands; widening and strengthening of existing tracks and construction of new access tracks, junctions and turning areas; a 33kV switch room control building with communications equipment, car parking and compound area; underground electrical cables and communication lines connecting wind turbines to the switch room control building; on site drainage works; upgrade of an existing entrance off Beltonanean Road for light vehicle use, use of the existing entrance to Davagh Forest off Slaght Road for main infrastructure traffic, with access tracks options through Davagh Forest; temporary set down areas, temporary material deposition areas, temporary construction compound; and all ancillary and associated development and infrastructure including general and excavation works at Beltonanean. The proposed development also includes temporary works along the transport route to facilitate the delivery of turbine components including a realignment of a section of the Feegarran Road and widening of the junction of Feegarran and Slaught Roads, in the townlands of Ballynagilly and Beltonanean, Cookstown. I/2014/0413/F Mid Ulster
2017/A0255 21/03/2018 Mr Pete Boyle 32-34 Ann Street, Belfast, BT1 4EG Display of projecting sign LA04/2017/1932/A Belfast
2017/A0254 21/03/2018 Mr Gerard Donnelly 20 metres east of 15 Newry Road and 45 metres north of 96 Maphoner Road Mullaghabawn Proposed 2No. dwellings on an in-fill site LA07/2017/1627/O Newry, Mourne and Down
2017/R0002 20/03/2018 Paul Drennan 197 Ballyclare Road Newtownabbey BT36 5JP Footway crossing (driveway for vehicle) LA03/18/RO/01 DRD Roads Service
2017/A0253 20/03/2018 Mr Noel McKee 30m SW of 15 Eskylane Road Antrim BT41 2LL Dwelling and garage on a farm under CTY10 LA03/2017/0608/O Antrim and Newtownabbey
2017/A0252 20/03/2018 Stuart Moffett 15m West And To The Rear Of 81 Cloughanramer Road Newry BT34 1QG Erection of a dwelling on a farm LA07/2017/1175/F Newry, Mourne and Down
2017/A0251 15/03/2018 Mr William Jordan 1 Milltown Lane, Carsontown Road, Saintfield Detached garage and store (partly constructed) LA07/2017/1095/F Newry, Mourne and Down
2017/A0250 14/03/2018 Mr Roy Walker Gable end of 68 - 72 Great Victoria Street, Belfast, BT2 7AF. LED Advertisement Sign LA04/2017/1138/A Belfast
2017/A0249 13/03/2018 Mr Michael Magee Approx 20m west of No.42 Loughbeg Road, Toomebridge, BT41 3TN Proposed site for a single storey dwelling and domestic garage LA03/2017/0671/O Antrim and Newtownabbey
2017/A0248 12/03/2018 Mrs Sharon Pritchard 30 meters to rear of 79 Katesbridge Road, Dromara Appealing against condition 6 of LA08/2017/0584/O: The siting and curtilage of the proposed dwelling and garage. LA08/2017/0584/O Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon
2017/E0053 12/03/2018 Mr Philip Clarke Land at 3 Rosemount Park, Armagh Alleged unauthorised erection of an extension to a dwelling O/2013/0019/CA Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon
2017/A0246 09/03/2018 Mr Adrian McParland Adjacent and 30m South-west of no.20 Newry Road Belleek Armagh BT35 7PG Site for dwelling and garage (Policy CTY8) LA07/2017/0823/O Newry, Mourne and Down
2017/A0247 09/03/2018 David Hickey Site adjacent to 106 Hollymount Park Derry BT47 3UP Proposed new 2 storey dwelling LA11/2016/1066/F Derry and Strabane
2017/E0052 06/03/2018 Mr Eamonn and Edward Clancy Land to the rear of 18 Drumcrin Road, Clonshannagh, Newtownbutler Alleged unauthorised erection of a domestic shed (outside existing residential curtilage) LA10/2016/0099/CA Fermanagh and Omagh
2017/A0245 06/03/2018 Mr Keith McFarland 90 Dublin Road Omagh BT78 1TT Site for dwellings LA10/2017/1040/O Fermanagh and Omagh
2017/A0244 05/03/2018 Mrs Maureen McKelvey Adjacent to and opposite 21 Glennan Road Omagh Proposed 2no. free range chicken houses (16,000 birds), fenced compounds and associated site works (amended siting and access) K/2014/0208/F Fermanagh and Omagh
2017/A0243 01/03/2018 Mr Roy Walker Transport NI car park approximately 10m away from the corner of York Street and the Westlink, Belfast. Digital Light Emitting Diode (LED) Sign LA04/2017/0692/A Belfast
2017/A0242 28/02/2018 Mr Kieran Murphy Lands to the North East (and adjacent to) 46 Woodend Road Ballymagorry Strabane Site for roadside service station to provide fuel for cars and lorries and other associated services LA11/2017/0461/O Derry and Strabane
2017/A0241 27/02/2018 John McClean 21 Eglantine Avenue Belfast Retention of premises consisting of 5 no. flats and erection of store. LA04/2017/0212/F Belfast
2017/A0232 26/02/2018 Mr Tom Fisher Pavement outside McDonalds, 32-36 Castle Place, Belfast, BT1 1GB 1 No. Smart Hub Kiosk. LA04/2017/1844/F Belfast
2017/A0235 26/02/2018 Mr Tom Fisher Pavement outside 111-115 Victoria Street, Belfast, BT1 4JW Double sided digital display panel on a smarthub kiosk LA04/2017/1865/A Belfast
2017/A0238 26/02/2018 Mr Tom Fisher Pavement outside 111-115 Victoria Street, Belfast BT1 4JW 1 No. Smart Hub Kiosk. LA04/2017/1858/F Belfast
2017/A0240 26/02/2018 Mr Kieran McManus 50 metres east of 189 Coa Road, Lissan Enniskillen Dwelling on a farm LA10/2017/1157/O Fermanagh and Omagh
2017/A0237 26/02/2018 Mr Tom Fisher Pavement outside 19 William Street South, Belfast, BT1 4AR 1 No. Smart Hub Kiosk. LA04/2017/1848/F Belfast
2017/E0051 26/02/2018 Mr Geoffrey Johnston Land at Moorings Marina, 165m North East Of 154 Derrylin Road, Bellanaleck, Fermanagh 1) The alleged unauthorised use of land for the siting of a light blue portacabin, and 2) The alleged unauthorised erection of footway decking, handrail, access ramp and staircase to the front and sides of the 2 portacabins and container. LA10/2016/0061/CA Fermanagh and Omagh
2017/A0233 26/02/2018 Mr Tom Fisher Pavement outside McDonalds, 32-36 Castle Place, Belfast, BT1 1GB Double sided digital display panel located on a new smarthub kiosk LA04/2017/1828/A Belfast
2017/A0234 26/02/2018 Mr Tom Fisher Pavement outside 19 William Street South, Belfast, BT1 4AR Double sided digital display panel located on a new smarthub kiosk LA04/2017/1825/A Belfast
2017/A0236 26/02/2018 Mr Tom Fisher Pavement outside 60 High Street, Belfast, BT1 2BG Double sided digital display panel on a smarthub kiosk LA04/2017/1877/A Belfast
2017/A0239 26/02/2018 Mr Tom Fisher Pavement outside 60, High Street, Belfast, BT1 2GB 1 No. Smart Hub Kiosk with double sided digital screen. LA04/2017/1873/F Belfast
2017/A0231 22/02/2018 Alison Mayne 60m NE of 10 Greengraves Road Newtownards BT23 5AG New dwelling and garage LA06/2015/0448/F Ards and North Down
2017/E0050 22/02/2018 Mr Barry O'Neill Lands 10m West of, and 10m North of 18 Cookstown Road, specifically identified as Units 4 and 11, Ross Beg, Dungannon, Co. Tyrone, BT71 4BG. 1. Alleged unauthorised change of use in unit 4 to a dance studio with associated gymnasium. 2. Alleged unauthorised change of use in unit 11 to a vehicle repair business. LA09/2016/0093/CA Mid Ulster
2017/A0230 21/02/2018 Mr Ian McCulla 29 Portaferry Road Newtownards BT23 8NN Gable-mounted 15-unit digital screen Appeal against conditions 2 and 3 of planning approval LA06/2017/0898/A. LA06/2017/0898/A Ards and North Down
2017/A0229 20/02/2018 Mr Alan Murphy 21-25 Boucher Road Belfast BT16 6QU Digital Sign - Double Sided Billboard LA04/2016/2440/a Belfast
2017/A0227 19/02/2018 Datura Enterprises Ltd 197 - 199 Castlereagh Road, Belfast, BT5 5FH Demolition of building and redevelopment of site to provide 11 No apartments LA04/2016/1159/F Belfast
2017/V0005 19/02/2018 Mr Thomas Quinn on land at 26 ferry Road, Coalisland within Lough Neagh Area of Special Scientific Interest Against the refusal of consent for reseeding and infilling works ASSI 030-009138 Northern Ireland Environment Agency
2017/A0228 19/02/2018 Mr Jason McPolin 13 Downpatrick Road Ballynahinch, BT24 8SH Proposed detached garage, rear extension to dwelling and extended site curtilage. LA07/2017/0770/F Newry, Mourne and Down
2017/A0226 14/02/2018 Mr John McLaughlin Lands 25m east of 715 Feeny Road Dungiven BT47 4TB Erection of one single storey dwelling house with detached garage LA01/2017/0697/F Causeway Coast and Glens
2017/A0224 07/02/2018 Mr Hugh Johnston 10 High Street, Omagh, County Tyrone. BT78 1BQ Installation of Internal Passenger Lift LA10/2017/0823/LBC Fermanagh and Omagh
2017/A0223 07/02/2018 Mr Alex Knox Adjacent to 10 Burnside Road Broughshane Site for single dwelling on a farm LA02/2017/0786/O Mid and East Antrim
2017/A0225 07/02/2018 Mrs Lynn Acheson Between 78 The Slopes and 56 Crowhill Road, Waringstown Erection of 2 no. 2-storey dwellings on infill site LA08/2016/1428/F Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon
2017/A0222 06/02/2018 Mark Adamson Site between 59 61 and 63 Craigdarragh Road Helens Bay BT19 1UB Dwelling in a cluster with access from Craigdarragh Road LA06/2017/0179/O Ards and North Down
2017/A0221 06/02/2018 Michael & Marion Young Adjacent to 24 Grange Road, Kilkeel, Co. Down Proposed domestic dwelling and garage adjacent to 24 Grange Rd, Kilkeel, Co Down LA07/2017/1388/O Newry, Mourne and Down
2017/A0219 02/02/2018 Mr Peter Boyle Ormiston House 51A Hawthorden Road Belfast BT4 3JW New perimeter wall to replace original corrugated metal fencing. New access to site immediately adjacent to original historic Pirrie Lane, with landscaping and hard standing providing parking spaces and drop off area for main house. New entrance gates to main house (Part Retrospective) LA04/2016/0519/F Belfast
2017/A0220 02/02/2018 I Lappin Approx 30m NE of 67 Beanstown Road, Lisburn 2 storey dwelling LA05/2015/0588/O Lisburn and Castlereagh
2017/E0049 02/02/2018 Tracey & Gary Howell Glenairley Stables 283 Killaughey Road Donaghadee BT21 0LY Livery business established in March 2010. Includes 12no. Stables over 5 structures tack room and sand exercising paddock. LA06/2017/1354/LDE Ards and North Down
2017/A0218 26/01/2018 Malone Ridge Limited Site 14 Malone Ridge Upper Malone Road Belfast Construction of single detached dwelling with associated landscaping and car parking. LA04/2016/0654/F Belfast