PAC - Planning Appeals Commission Appeal Received

Appeal Received

PAC Reference Date Received Appellant(s) Development & Location Planning Service Reference Planning Office
2020/E0033 22/10/2020 Kerri O'Neill 24 Mill street Cushendall The alleged unauthorised installation of upvc windows in a listed building(LBC) LA01/2016/0055/CA Causeway Coast and Glens
2020/E0032 21/10/2020 Mr Alex McKillop 18 Mill Street, Cushendall, BT44 0RR The alleged unauthorised installation of uPVC windows in a Listed Building situated(LBC) LA01/2015/0042/CA Causeway Coast and Glens
2020/E0034 21/10/2020 John Mulholland 51 Northbrook Street Belfast BT9 7DH House in Multiple Occupancy (HMO) LA04/2019/2674/LDE Belfast
2020/A0087 15/10/2020 Ciara McKay 70m NE of 40 Killygore Road Rathkenny Ballymena Dwelling and garage (infill site) LA02/2020/0404/O Mid and East Antrim
2020/A0089 15/10/2020 Mr David Glenn Harvey 1,2,3 Drumlin Lane Hillsborough Removal of condition 2 on the planning permission document( S/2010/0028/F) which states @the buildings 'hereby permitted shall be used only as holiday accommodation and shall not be for permanent residence' LA05/2019/1316/F Lisburn and Castlereagh
2020/E0031 15/10/2020 Mr Terry O'Neill Lands at Ballyleese Town and Country Caravan Park, 34 Agherton Road, Portstewart, BT55 7PJ Alleged unauthorised change of use from agricultural field to camp site. Alleged unauthorised works include the provision of caravan plots/pitches, internal road, electricity connection points, bin storage area and access EN/2020/0192 Causeway Coast and Glens
2020/A0088 15/10/2020 Bronagh McKay 115m NE of 40 Killygore Road Rathkenny Ballymena Dwelling and garage (infill site) LA02/2020/0399/O Mid and East Antrim
2020/A0085 14/10/2020 Mr Terence Harkness 31 Tardree Grove Ballymena Extension to form new dwelling LA02/2020/0307/F Mid and East Antrim
2020/E0030 05/10/2020 Keith Gladney Land adjacent and to the rear of 67 Glenhoy Road, Ballygawley, Co. Tyrone, BT70 2AY. The alleged unauthorised material change of use of land to the repair, sale and hire of construction plant and machinery; The alleged unauthorised erection of two buildings used in connection with the alleged unauthorised use; The alleged unauthorised siting of two fabricated buildings used for office and retail purposes in connection with the alleged unauthorised use; The alleged siting of two storage containers used in connection with the alleged unauthorised use; The alleged creation of a concrete yard incorporating a drain/tank for the washing of vehicles used in connection with the alleged unauthorised use; and The alleged unauthorised creation of a hardcored laneway and access point providing access to the alleged unauthorised use on site. EN/2020/0199 Mid Ulster
2020/R0002 02/10/2020 Mrs Maria Houston 42 Fairfield Park Bangor BT20 4TX Driveway DCW/2020/9014/G DRD Roads Service
2020/A0079 02/10/2020 Mr John McKavanagh Immediately adjacent and south of 80 Castor Bay Road Lurgan BT679LF New dwelling LA08/2019/1319/O Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon
2020/A0081 02/10/2020 Mr PETER TEAGUE Site to rear of 54 Stranmillis Park, Belfast, BT9 5AU. Demolition of existing garage and erection of new dwelling including alterations to fenestration of existing HMO LA04/2019/2812/F Belfast
2020/A0084 02/10/2020 Ms Helen Park Site 50m north east / to the rear of No. 79 Francis Street Lurgan BT66 6DL Proposed site for erection of detached dwelling. LA08/2019/1541/O Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon
2020/A0078 29/09/2020 Mr Rosemary McMinnis Peartree Hill Belfast, 80m east of road junction with Gransha Road and Peartree Hill Refusal for erection of Argricultural Shed for purposes of argicultural plant and livestock LA05/2018/0655/F Lisburn and Castlereagh
2020/E0028 29/09/2020 Mr Mervyn & Julie Phillips Land at 80m south of no.12 Drumawhey Road Newtownards Alleged unauthorised residential dwelling,access to laneway & associated hard standing LA06/2018/0403/CA Ards and North Down
2020/E0027 28/09/2020 Mr Robert Halliday Land East of 204 Straid Road, Bushmills, BT57 8XW Alleged unauthorised change of use from agricultural land to land used for parking, storage of vehicles, pallets, steel works, barriers, shipping containers and other construction materials. & erection of shed (non-agricultural),Alleged unauthorised erection of temporary building, erection earth bunds EN/2020/0099 Causeway Coast and Glens
2020/A0077 25/09/2020 Kieran Grimley Adjacent to and 20m east of 72 Navan Fort Road Navan Armagh BT60 4PP Site for dwelling and garage LA08/2019/0112/O Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon
2020/A0076 24/09/2020 Oasis Retail Services Limited 39,High Street, Newtownards Change of use from former bank (class A2) to an amusement arcade/adult gaming centre & alterations to shop front LA06/2020/0380/F Ards and North Down
2020/A0073 23/09/2020 Gerard Rice 8 Corcreeghy Road Newry Retrospective application for the extension of curtilage to include retaining wall, in-filling with inert material, fencing and associated landscaping. Existing Firework containers relocated and form utilisation of car parking LA07/2019/1575/F Newry, Mourne and Down
2020/A0075 23/09/2020 Mr John Paul McGinnis Lands at Ballygudden Road, to the north and west of No.11 Ballygudden Road, Eglinton. Housing development consisting of 97 No. units, creation of new access and associated infrastructure and ancillary works. LA11/2017/0902/F Derry and Strabane
2020/E0026 22/09/2020 Mrs Pauline Kelly Land adjacent and to the north of 5 Abbacy Road, Demesne, Portaferry, Down, BT22 1HH a) Alleged unauthorised construction of a shed (identified on the attached map with an X) b) Alleged unauthorised extension of curtilage beyond northern boundary of No.5 Abbacy Road to form additional garden area LA06/2015/0210/CA Ards and North Down
2020/E0025 22/09/2020 Paudraig Gerard Mitchell Land 30m South East of 20 Glenariffe Road, Glenariffe, BT44 0QY Alleged 2 No. unauthorised sheds used for builders storage. EN/2020/0101 Causeway Coast and Glens
2020/A0069 21/09/2020 RGM Construction Ltd Ballylig Quarry Ballylig Road Broughshane Variation of the wording of condition no. 22 (Plant Operational Location) and remove condition no. 23 (Acoustic Enclosure) of approval LA02/2017/0709/F LA02/2019/0938/F Mid and East Antrim
2020/A0070 21/09/2020 RGM Construction Ltd Ballylig Quarry Ballylig Road Broughshane Removal of condition no. 27 (Re rock hammer operations) of approval LA02/2017/0709/F LA02/2019/0940/F Mid and East Antrim
2020/A0071 21/09/2020 JC Decaux Gable end wall of 112 Ann St, Belfast BT1 3HU Replacement of existing 48 sheet internally illuminated advertising display with LED digital display LA04/2020/0558/A Belfast
2020/A0066 15/09/2020 Mr William McMaster 42a Cherryhill Road, Spa, Ballynahinch, BT24 8NW Retirement Bungalow LA07/2019/1819/O Newry, Mourne and Down
2020/A0067 11/09/2020 Mr David Strain Adjacent to 15 Liska Road, Newry Proposed dwelling LA07/2019/1815/O Newry, Mourne and Down
2020/A0063 10/09/2020 Mr Raymond Christie At lands adjacent to 9b Lough Road, Lisburn BT28 2PQ Proposed site for a single dwelling, development of a small gap site within an otherwise substantial and continuously built-up frontage - PPS, CTY 8 LA05/2019/0944/O Lisburn and Castlereagh
2020/A0064 10/09/2020 Mr Andrew McNeill Lands 75m west of 75 Cairn Road, Carrickfergus Retention of building for equestrian use, to include domestic stables, hay store and tack room LA02/2020/0081/F Mid and East Antrim
2020/E0024 10/09/2020 Mr Peter George Lowen Wilson Land at Golf Links Caravan Park, 10 Bushmills Road, Portrush, BT56 8JG Alleged unauthorised caravan plots and access roads LA01/2018/0172/CA & EN/2020/0093 Causeway Coast and Glens
2020/E0023 07/09/2020 Mr John Doherty Premises at 72 Longfield Road Lislea Armagh BT35 9TX Alleged unauthorised Building Alleged unauthorised laying of hardcore Alleged unauthorised modular building Alleged unauthorised access LA07/2018/0156/CA Newry, Mourne and Down
2020/A0062 04/09/2020 Miss Nicola Bull 116 Donegall Pass, Belfast Construction of 11 No. Apartments, ancillary accommodation and 1 No. retail unit. LA04/2019/1722/F Belfast
2020/A0060 28/08/2020 Drumee Farms Ltd Approx 100m NE of 125 Newcastle Road, Castlewellan Retention of multipurpose agricultural shed, access from Newcastle Road via established agricultural gateway. LA07/2019/0194/F Newry, Mourne and Down
2020/A0061 27/08/2020 Mr George Stewart Lands opposite North of 21a Waterloo Road, Lisburn Site for dwelling and garage. Substitution for extant permission S/2013/0733 & S/2010/0848 LA05/2019/0008/O Lisburn and Castlereagh
2020/E0022 26/08/2020 Mr Andrew Moore Lands at 133 Baranailt Road, Limavady 1) Alleged unauthorised agricultural contracting business 2) Alleged unauthorised shed used for the purposes of unauthorised agricultural contracting business 3) Alleged unauthorised hard stand 4) Alleged unauthorised access and laneway. LA01/2020/0089/CA Causeway Coast and Glens
2020/A0058 24/08/2020 Mr John Murray Between 104 & 108 Belfast Road Saintfield BT24 7HF Two no. infill dwellings LA05/2020/0113/O Lisburn and Castlereagh
2020/E0021 21/08/2020 Mr Noel McAteer Lands to the rear of 23 Temain Road, Limavady Alleged unauthorised shed EN/2020/0112 Causeway Coast and Glens
2020/A0059 21/08/2020 Mr Niall McKelvey Land 100m north of 14 Mullawinny Road, Mullawinny, Fintona, County Tyrone. Retention of poultry litter storage lagoon (proposed aerocover enclosure), security fence and access. LA10/2018/1246/F Fermanagh and Omagh
2020/A0057 16/08/2020 Mr Conor Corvan Lands adjacent and 70m south-east of No.49 Mullan Road, Coolkill, Tynan, Armagh, BT60 4TB Site for dwelling & garage LA08/2019/1360/O Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon
2020/A0055 14/08/2020 Mr Dermot Hamill 50m South East of 52 Crosskeys Road Ahoghill Proposed dwelling and garage on a farm LA02/2020/0224/O Mid and East Antrim
2020/A0056 14/08/2020 Ms Sara Robinson Approx 90 meters east of 61 Knockagh Road Carrickfergus BT38 8QQ Proposed site for a dwelling and domestic garage based on policy CTY 10 (Dwelling on a farm) LA02/2020/0192/O Mid and East Antrim
2020/A0054 14/08/2020 Mr Eugene McCann Lands 50m north east of No 8 Station Park Toomebridge Infilling of farm land with inert material (topsoil) for land improvement LA03/2019/0902/F Antrim and Newtownabbey
2020/A0053 13/08/2020 Mr Eric Rosborough Approximately 330M West of No 251 Bangor Road Whitespots Newtownards Co, Down BT23 Retention of embankments - Biodiversity and environmental research monitoring lands (BERMs), watchtower, access and ancillary storage and amenity units all for the purposes of academic research and development LA06/2018/0157/F Ards and North Down
2020/E0020 06/08/2020 Mr Ryan McCourt Land at 36 Ashtree Hill Road, Jerretspass, Newry Alleged unauthorised building LA07/2017/0159/CA Newry, Mourne and Down
2020/E0019 05/08/2020 Mr Stephen O'Rawe Lands approximately 220m east of 23 Fairhead Road, Ballyvoy, Ballycastle Alleged unauthorised winning and working of minerals; the storage of plant and equipment unrelated to agriculture; the creation of hard standing; and the creation of two access lanes. LA01/2020/0091/CA Causeway Coast and Glens
2020/A0049 04/08/2020 Mr Robert Muckian 30metres Southeast of 7 Ballyquillan Road, Crumlin Site of Dwelling and Garage (Infill) Site 1 LA03/2019/0059/O Antrim and Newtownabbey
2020/A0050 04/08/2020 Mr Robert Muckian 50metres Northwest of 5b Ballyquillan Road, Crumlin Site of Dwelling and Garage (Infill) Site 2 LA03/2019/0061/O Antrim and Newtownabbey
2020/E0018 04/08/2020 Mr james woods Close to 126 ballygowan Road, Belfast What3Word reference -/// Building a forestry shed to accommodate forestry equipment and wood storage la05/2020/0467/ldp Lisburn and Castlereagh
2020/A0048 03/08/2020 Mr Billy Quinn South-east portion of the former Craighill Quarry, 110m south-west of No.155 Ballycorr Road, 105m west of No.156 Ballycorr Road and 230m north-east of Nos. 1, 3, 5 & 7 Ballycorr Road, Ballyclare. Residential development consisting of 32 No. dwellings and associated and ancillary works. LA03/2020/0117/F Antrim and Newtownabbey
2020/A0047 31/07/2020 Drumeen Construction Ltd Lands south and to the rear of 1 & 2 The Brambles, Cromore Road, Coleraine Proposed single storey dwelling to include access, driveway, siteworks and landscaping LA01/2019/1226/F Causeway Coast and Glens
2020/A0051 30/07/2020 Mr Glenn Floyd 45m East of 54 Lisnabreeny Road, Castlereagh. Replacement of redundant non-residential building with a single dwelling in compliance with Planning Policy Statement 21 CTY3 LA05/2019/0750/F Lisburn and Castlereagh